We chose castles – nursery child led learning

This term in nursery we started by making a 3D mind map together to choose our topic for the term. We chose castles so we could also learn about dragons, kings, queens and most importantly about treasure. We built and decorated our own castle in the classroom with moat and drawbridge. We have also been growing our own crystals, some green like emeralds and some red like rubies. We built and decorated our own throne and some knights that can dance to guard the castle and have just made some magnificent crowns with flaming bright colours.

Story telling together – 3 little pigs retold

We read the traditional story of three little pigs then we worked together to make a story map and we practiced retelling the story to each other. Then we made our own versions of the story in our very own story maps and we practiced retelling our new stories. After that we wrote our own stories down and finally we edited and improved our final stories. Here are some pictures of our story maps and stories.

Our Cluster celebrates Diwali together

Scoraig and Badcaul pupils and parents came together on Scoraig to celebrate Diwali which is also known as a festival of light. We made Diva lamps from clay and painted them and then took advantage of the amazing weather and made beautiful rangoli patterns outside in the playground from natural found materials such as berries, sweet chestnuts, twigs and leaves. We even shared a lovely picnic lunch in the glorious sunshine.

New school year

Here at Scoraig we have kicked off our new school year by refusing to let the weather keep us out of the outdoor classroom. Here are some photos of us identifying trees by their leaves.


We also created dinosaur models as part of our project.



This is us doing some place value work on tens and units with outdoor materials.

Hugh Miller’s Cottage Museum Visit


Next week as part of our topic this term on fossils and dinosaurs we are going to visit Hugh Miller’s Cottage Museum in Cromarty. Hugh Miller became a renowned scientist through his study of fossils, during the early Victorian¬†period and the museum is in the cottage where he is born.