Our living Seas

In nursery this term our topic is ‘Our living Seas’. We went down to the shore to gather materials and have been recording what we know already by making pictures and drawings. We have been asking ourselves questions like ‘How even do fish breathe underwater?’ and ‘What happens when you dry up seaweed?’. We wondered about jellyfish too. Why do they have tentacles and why are they squishy? We did an experiment to find out if jellyfish are made of jelly. We have also been enjoying some beautiful books all about the sea and the incredible creatures that live there!

Handcuffs, Sirens and Scanners – Police Visit

This week we visited our local policeman PC Fleming at Ullapool Police Station. We talked about the role the police perform to help us in the community. PC Fleming also showed us his two different police hats he wears, his handcuffs, his extendable truncheon, the police cell, the police car and he even put on the very loud police siren for us to hear and he let us try out the metal detecting scanner. He was really kind towards us even when he handcuffed our Head Teacher!

Jubilee High Tea

To mark the Jubliee we had a high tea at school and the perfect weather for it. The menu included cucumber sandwiches and scones and clotted cream as well as fresh strawberries and there was even bunting and doilies.

Biodiversity Live Lessons with Eco-Schools Scotland

This week we have joined in with Eco-Schools Scotland live lessons about biodiversity. We learned about what biodiversity is and why every species counts. We learnt about how pine hoverflies and wolves are connected and about some of the most endangered animals in Scotland. We especially enjoyed finding out about the wolves! There was also a live author session with Gill Lewis where we thought about how important books about nature can be. Then finally there was a session about Fairtrade Schools where we learnt about what fair trade is and how it can help the environment as well as help people. There were all sorts of fun quizzes and games along the way and we are looking forward to joining the live assembly later this week and maybe joining in more sessions in the future.

Learning to swim

We have started going to the swimming pool in Ullapool to have lessons so we can learn to swim. We spent the first session growing our confidence in the water and learning how to kick our legs from the hip rather than the knee in order to move through the water with a buoyancy aid. We loved pretending to be flowers and being watered by a watering can. It was all great fun and we all managed the logistics of travel and changing etc really well. We really enjoyed playing in the play park outside the pool too! We are hoping to be able to continue to go for 8 sessions in all this term.

Farewell to Mr Woods

We are very sad to say farewell to Mr Woods who has been teaching at our school on Scoraig for over two and a half years. He initially joined us in 2019 as full time supply for four weeks until the new teacher was able to join us and he has stayed on ever since coming to teach a day once a fortnight to cover the class teacher’s planning time. Mr Woods has been a wonderful presence in our school somehow combining a laid back teaching style with his boundless energy. He has shared his love and experience of the great outdoors so generously with the children and his forest school skills and knowledge from Kinder Croft has left a lovely legacy for the school especially in the playground. The children made Mr Woods some beautiful cards and a gorgeous mobile as a farewell gift and the parents made a delicious lunch that we shared together at the community centre. A huge thank you from all of us John, you will be much missed and we wish you all the very best with your move.

First Aid Training

All Scoraig School staff attended a day long Paediatric First Aid Training course that was expertly delivered by Sean Duffy from First Stop First Aid Training. The course took place in our classroom setting and mixed theory and practical elements. We were assessed throughout the day using a range of quizzes, questioning, games and scenarios. It was a really fun and informative day and we covered accidents at school/nursery, contents of a first aid kit, recovery position, CPR, shock, anaphylaxis, fractures, head injuries, wounds and bleeding, burns and scalds, and choking. Thanks again to Sean for braving the weather to be with us on Scoraig.

Ant Investigations

In nursery we have been finding out all about ants, how they live and what they do together, what they eat and how they grow their food and store it for when food becomes hard to find! We searched for them in the playground under rocks and in the undergrowth. We’ve been reading about them in books, making our own drawings and collages and then creating our very own model ants. We have been learning about queen ants and worker ants and we have been playing with our models of them in their very own nests. We have even been counting our ants and singing ant rhymes as well as learning wonderful new words like insects and colonies!

Robert Burns Celebrations

As part of this day celebrating the life and works of one of Scotland’s favourite sons, we wore tartan patterns and enjoyed special activities. Fraya played her harp and sang traditional songs for us and we each had a go playing tunes. Mr. Small taught us interesting facts about Robert Burns, singing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and reading poems. According to the Guiness Book of Records, ‘Auld Lang Syne’ is the third most popular song sang every year.  Did you know that Robert Burns had twelve children? Do you know how many Robert Burns statues there are around the world?

We recognised that Robert Burns uses Scots language in poetry and songs. We sang some of the Scots songs that we already know including ‘Three Craws sat upon a Wa’. 

At lunchtime, we enjoyed vegetarian haggis, neeps and tatties. A big thank you to Jo, Zoe and Ise for their preparation of this lovely fayre. Additionally, thank you to Zoe, Struan and Davy for the lovely Raspberry Cranachan dessert.

Visit to a local business!

On Wednesday 18th January we visited a business enterprise on our peninsula. Martha is setting up a new strand to her business supplying local people with tasty baked goods and is selling knitted clothing goods.

Linking to our learning, we are discovering the different roles people play and how they help support others in our community. Martha told us about the different roles she needs to perform so that her new business runs smoothly and that it is successful.

Martha showed us her sourdough starter, her oven hotstones and her notebook containing measurements for ingredients needed to match and fulfil the orders made. She talked about how she invoiced customers and the digital processes needed to make sure that bills are paid! Martha told us about how she deals with outgoing costs (buying materials) and incoming monies to help her business grow.

We talked about the sustainability of the business. She explained that the wool is locally sourced and showed her spinning wheel which she uses to create the yarn. Pattern models were used to create the right shape in the construction of hats and jumpers and pin counts were utilised for more intricate parts of the garments made.

We enjoyed our trip and learned lots. We are very grateful to Martha for helping keep us warm and fed, thank you!