Spring time topic

In nursery we have been working together on all sorts of activities to do with spring.

We were interested in looking at bird nests as part of our spring topic. We were given access to mud, straw, grass, leaves, twigs and moss just like birds. We explored the materials and created some nests but not just for birds!

After looking at our birds nest in the nursery we went outside to play and engaged in a role playing game where we and some of the primary children were chickens trying to hatch their eggs.

We wanted to dress up as birds so made our own costumes. We created our own wings and mask and decorated them. Then the transformation was complete and we became birds!


New STEM activities

We have been working with our new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) resources. We followed very specific instructions and built a bridge together. Then we were presented with the problem that a boat needed to pass under our bridge so we redesigned the bridge together to accommodate the boat underneath it and solved the problem. We have also been working with our new electronic lego, building vehicles from instructions and then programming them to make particular  moves.

Raising Money for Gino’s Cantina

Our very lovely neighbour Jill Beavitt has been raising money for Gino’s Cantina who provide regular meals for Roma children in Transylvania. This week she brought in yummy hot food for us for our lunch one day and we all made a donation for the children in Transylvania. It was very tasty and we hope she does it again.

The Vikings are coming!

To start our topic on the Vikings we joined Helyn from the National Museum of Scotland by video phone and she showed us all sorts of incredible artefacts from the museums collection. We saw a Viking sword, a shield, a coin, a key and an axe. We also got to see some Viking jewelry too a broach and a bracelet that even had Viking writing on it! We have also been looking into Viking mythology and the stories of the different worlds created by Oden king of the gods. There is Asgard the home of the Gods, there is Midgard the home of the humans and there is Jotunheim the home of the giants.

Plants that eat animals!

In nursery as part of our topic about the jungle we have been learning about carnivorous plants. These plants mostly eat insects but there is one so big it even catches rats! On Scoraig we have our very own special carnivorous plants called round leaved sundews that eat midgies. We have also been feeding our venus fly trap puppet all sorts of bugs and beasties!

Intergenerational Sessions

During our intergenerational sessions the children have played games with guests both individually and as a group. So far we have played happy families, go fish, spotty dogs, dominos and musical games. We have had so much fun teaching and learning new games among our wider community. What will we play next? Come and join us on a Tuesday afternoon from 3pm in the Community Centre.

Maps – symbols and co-ordinates

Within our Norway topic we have been comparing a map of Norway and of Scotland. Then we drew a massive map of our own peninsula and included all our houses and important landmarks with the symbols used by ordinance survey maps.  We have also been learning about using co-ordinates and we had a treasure hunting session with our parents using our learning about maps and co-ordinates together.