Our lighthouse keeper’s lunch

This term we have been inspired by a book called ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ by Ronda and┬áDavid Armitage. We had our own picnic lunch up by our very own lighthouse on Scoraig. We’ve investigated electronic circuits by building our own lighthouse model complete with working lamp. We went out bird spotting with binoculars. We have been exploring different ideas about what makes for a healthy lunch. And we have even made our own short film with a story we wrote inspired by the book where we took it in turns to be actors, narrators, directors and cinematographers.

Story Telling Session

Today we had a story telling session with Hannah. The children learned that all stories follow a pattern:

Who is this?

What do they want?

Why can’t they have it?

What happens next?

We made some characters for our stories and the children then told their own stories.

Thanks Hannah!

Friday is Cook Day

We have been cooking on Fridays. So far we have grated, chopped, stirred, blended, fried, baked, rolled, frozen and eaten our food. We have enjoyed yummy vegetable nuggets, frozen yoghurt bark and banana flapjacks. We are very excited to see what recipe is coming next!!!

Bats – from flying foxes to micro bats

This week we have been learning all about bats and making drawings and models in response to all the amazing information and videos we have been sharing together. We did some experiments to try and understand how bats use echolocation too. Hopefully we will also get some bat boxes made and hung up on the peninsula to encourage more of these incredible creatures to live with us.

Arctic Animals – Online Learning Week One

We have begun our online learning this year with the topic Arctic Animals. We started by exploring outside to see if we could find any evidence of animals here that are similar to those in the Arctic. Since then we have been making drawings of Arctic animals. We also created our very own Arctic landscapes from ice complete with animals and their dens and even a snowball cannon! We also really enjoyed sharing stories, music and animation all inspired by the Arctic.

Virtual Zoo Visit

Both schools visited the Zoo this week as part of the learning on Arctic Animals. We got to see the penguins at Edinburgh Zoo and the Polar Bear at the Highland Wildlife Park. Two of the rangers showed us around and answered the childrens’ questions. We are heading back again today for a follow up visit behind the scenes.

Theatre in our Classroom

It has been a week of theatre, with the children watching two performances by Theatre in Schools Scotland. ‘White’ was a pre-recorded show about colour arriving into a world with none. ‘Potato Needs a Bath’ was just meant for our younger children, but everyone got involved as it was very funny. On Tuesday the children watched a video about preparing for the party, then on Friday they were ready for the live show. This was especially exciting as the actor could see the children too and it was interactive.

We are looking forward to our online Pantomime soon too.