Global Climate Strike for Future

Along with an estimated number of more than a million people in around 130 countries worldwide we took part in the international campaign that aims to highlight young people’s concern about the lack of action by adults to mitigate the effects of climate change created by humans. By striking from school the international movement aims to show adults that our future is important and that we urgently need action to reduce our carbon emissions and work to preserve our planet in whatever way we can. On Scoraig during our school strike we planted oak trees and went door to door canvasing our neighbours. We also had a debate about it during class time.


Community Lunch

We organised a lunch for our community in order to raise funds for a shed to store all our outdoor equipment. We made two different types of soup and we also made bread and biscuits too. As well as doing lots of cooking we also waited on tables and made sure everyone had everything they wanted. Then we helped with clearing up and washing up. We raised an amazing £125 towards our shed so thank everyone that contributed!

Wombat Stew

IMG_2120We have been working with our neighbour Jill Beavitt to rehearse a play of the book Wombat Stew by Marcia K. Vaughan. We are act as all the different Australian animals that are characters in the book such as a dingo, an echidna, an emu, a platypus and of course a wombat.

Author Mike Nicholson

We had a visit from author Mike Nicholson who writes books for different ages. In nursery we had a session with him where he introduced us to his Thistle Street series of books that explore rhyming and words in Scots such as braw and blethering. In the primary Mike introduced us to his series of books called the Museum Mystery Squad which  are mystery adventures, with plots like jigsaws to piece together and we worked on an everyday mystery story together.

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